If you googled best baby photographer in Mayo and it brought you here, chances are you want nothing short of PERFECTION for your baby photos.

If you want experienced and professional baby photographer who knows how to handle your delicate baby SAFELY and deliver FLAWLESS portraits, you’re in the right place, please get in touch!


Who doesn’t go „awww“ over a new baby! But your first days after coming home from the hospital will be a never-ending cycle of feeding, burping and changing nappies. It’s easy to forget how tiny your baby was when your life is upside down and all you want to do is sleep!

The best time for a newborn photo session is when your baby is just one week old. In fact, the best results are 5-8 days after birth. They are still „curled up“ in their foetal position, which makes for those super cute newborn photos. Plus they generally spend most of the time sleeping and are quite content.

Because the last thing on your mind after you bring your baby home will be looking for a photographer, it’s best to be organized in advance. Plus I am generally booked up for a few months, so to make sure I will be available for your date, it’s a good idea to contact me as soon as you have your scan, so I can pencil you in my diary. We all know babies are quite unpredictable with their arrival, so I’ll put your due date in my diary and once your baby arrives we’ll set a date for your session.


It’s never too late to book a baby session even if your baby has already arrived.  If you missed the newborn stage, the next beautiful age for your baby’s portraits is from 3 months on. Your baby starts to show their personality and loves the camera! This is the best time to capture those wide-eyed expressions and from 4 months even some real smiles.


It’s amazing how fast babies change. Only a few months ago, your baby was a tiny bundle that just wanted to be held all the time, and now they’re sitting up, interacting with you, trying to feed themselves and getting more independent.

My favourite age to photograph babies is around 7-8 months, because they’re usually sitting up on their own but not crawling yet. They are so much fun to interact with and give an array of lovely curious expressions and smiles.

You might have noticed that this is the oldest age group I photograph and even if you’re thinking of booking a first birthday session, or a cake smash session, I do these at 11 months. Simply because babies coming up to 12 months and those who have already turned into a toddler are very busy, and they are usually more interested in exploring the world around them rather than sitting still and smiling for the camera (“Hey I wonder what will happen if I pull on that backdrop I’m sitting on… and look, this giant light has wheels!”) Their attention span is very short and they’re generally not too thrilled when you try to contain them in any way (hello tantrums!) If you have a toddler at home right now, you probably know what I’m talking about! So for those reasons, it’s better to take their photos at 11 months max.

Here is what you can expect if you bring your baby to me between 6-11 months:


If your baby has older siblings, they are welcome to join the photo session.


I am based in Charlestown, Co. Mayo and all my sessions happen here. I specialize in fine art portraiture and there are a lot of supplies, props and equipment that I need to create those beautiful portraits, so it’s not possible for me to travel to clients’ homes.

I work Monday to Friday only. I understand that dads are often working, but sometimes dads can get a morning off work or you can book your session for a time when he’ll be on holidays. And in a lot of cases mum just comes with the baby on her own and that’s fine too.

I do all baby sessions in the mornings as from my experience that’s when babies are in their best form for photos. Afternoons/evenings are really not suitable for baby sessions as babies get overtired very quickly and nobody wants their baby to look cranky in their photos.

The best time for a newborn photo session is when your baby is just one week old. In fact, the best results are 5-8 days after birth. They are still „curled up“ in their fetal position, which makes for those super cute newborn photos. Plus they generally spend most of the time sleeping and are quite content. Once they get past two weeks, they become much more alert, therefore some of the newborn poses are no longer possible to do.

I am generally booked up for a few months ahead, so if you are thinking of booking a newborn session, please get in touch with me after your scan so I can pencil you in. I also have a cancellation list for last-minute dates when I have to reschedule sick clients or newborns that are overdue, so if you were hoping to get a last-minute appointment, I can put your name on the cancellation list.

A session with an older baby (3-11 months) takes 1 hour. A newborn session takes approx. 2 hours.

No. For babies there is no need to bring anything (unless you’re booking a cake smash session, in which case you’ll need to bring the cake). For their siblings, you’ll just have to bring their outfits, but once you’re booked in I will send you a prep guide with tips on what to wear etc.

You will get your photos within 2 weeks from your session date.

I don’t sell gift vouchers for a lot of reasons. Choosing a photographer is very personal and everyone has a different style/taste.  I’ve had many clients who came to me after they got a voucher from their family for some other photographer, but weren’t happy with the photos they got with them and booked me after that. So I believe the choice of a photographer should be left to the person who will be looking at their photos every day.

You’re welcome to pay an amount of your choice towards a session for someone who’s already booked with me though. The best thing is always to consult with the recipient, and if they’d like to book me then I’ll be happy to accept your payment.

My baby sessions are for members of the same immediate family (ie. parents & siblings only). If you’d like to include extended family, please check out my portrait sessions instead.

Prices of baby sessions range between €370 and €670 and I offer flexible payment plans from €50/week. Please contact me for a full price list.

Need time to think before booking? I understand.

Click below to send me a message and let me know what’s on your mind. I’ll reply back with answers to any questions.