I am based in Charlestown, Co. Mayo and all my sessions happen here. I specialize in fine art portraiture and there are a lot of supplies, props and equipment that I need to create those beautiful portraits, so that’s why I don’t travel to clients’ homes.

I work Monday to Friday only. I understand that dads are often working, but sometimes dads can get a morning off work or you can book your session for a time when he’ll be on holidays. And in a lot of cases mum just comes with the baby on her own and that’s fine too.

The best time for newborn photography is within the first two weeks of their life when they are still „curled up“ in their foetal position, which makes for those super cute photographs. Plus they generally spend most of the time sleeping which enables me to position them into the different newborn poses. Once they pass the two-week mark, they become much more alert, therefore some of the newborn poses are no longer possible to do.

I am generally booked up for a few months ahead, so if you are thinking of booking a newborn session, please get in touch with me after your scan so I can pencil you in. If you happen to go early or late, we will reschedule as needed. I also have a cancellation list for last minute dates when I have to reschedule sick clients or newborns that are overdue, so if you were hoping to get an appointment in the next month or two, I can put your name on the cancellation list.

A session with an older baby (3-11 months) takes on average 1.5 hours. A newborn session takes up to 3 hours.

No. For babies there is no need to bring anything. For their siblings you’ll just have to bring their outfits, but once you’re booked in I will send you a welcome pack with tips on what to wear etc.

You will get your USB with photos within 2 weeks from your session date.

I don’t sell gift vouchers for a lot of reasons. Choosing photographer is very personal and everyone has a different style/taste. What your sister might find adorable you might find tacky. The choice of photographer should be left to the person who will be looking at their photos every day. They shouldn’t feel pressured into having their baby photographed by someone just because their work colleagues gave them a voucher for someone’s cousin who has no experience in photographing newborns (but hey, selling vouchers is great business, right?)

I want to make sure that the parents that are hiring me went through my portfolio, read reviews or got recommendation from their friends that I photographed, and know they WANT me to photograph their baby because I am the right photographer for them, not because someone handed them a voucher. Once they book a session with me, you can pay your chosen amount towards their session if you wish.

I specialize in sessions for members of the same immediate family (ie. siblings only). I do not offer sessions for large family groups/extended family.

Yes, all my clients can avail of Gift Registry Service

Why is Gift Registry so great?

Because instead of getting a third steriliser they don’t need, or a fourth set of babygrows, the new parents get something that they really want!

How does it work?

1. A couple book a photo session for their baby.

2. I will give them a link they can share with their friends and family.

3. If their friends and family want to buy them a voucher towards their session fee, they can click on the link, fill in their name, choose the amount they wish to buy them (20,30,50 or 100 euro) and pay online with their card.

4. The couple will be notified every time someone buys them a voucher.

5. When the amount of gifts reaches the session fee amount, link will be deactivated.

Prices start at €199 for all inclusive photo session (including session fee, styling and your photos on a USB). Please contact me for a full price list.

Just send me a message and I’ll get back to you with an answer 🙂