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It’s amazing how fast babies change. Only a few months ago, your baby was a tiny bundle that just wanted to be held all the time, and now they’re sitting up, interacting with you, trying to feed themselves and getting more independent.

My favourite age to photograph babies is around 7-8 months, because they’re usually sitting up on their own but not crawling yet. They are so much fun to interact with and give an array of lovely curious expressions and smiles.

You might have noticed that this is the oldest age group I photograph and even if you’re thinking of booking a first birthday session, or a cake smash session, I do these at 11 months. Simply because babies coming up to 12 months and those who have already turned into a toddler are very busy, and they are usually more interested in exploring the world around them rather than sitting still and smiling for the camera (“Hey I wonder what will happen if I pull on that backdrop I’m sitting on… and look, this giant light has wheels!”) Their attention span is very short and they’re generally not too thrilled when you try to contain them in any way (hello tantrums!) If you have a toddler at home right now, you probably know what I’m talking about! So for those reasons, it’s better to take their photos at 11 months max.

Here is what you can expect if you bring your baby to me between 6-11 months:

unique portrait of a beautiful 8-month-old baby girl wearing pink floral bonnet
portrait of 10-month-old baby girl with purple floral bonnet
sitter session for 10 month old baby girl in Charlestown county Mayo
cute photo of 11 month old baby boy
portrait of 10-month-old baby girl with big blue eyes wearing pink floral bonnet
portrait of a cute 8-month-old baby boy with big blue eyes

Need time to think before booking? I understand.

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