Olga Klofac Photography – Award Winning Irish Portrait Photographer

The price of your photo session is made up of two parts:

1. Sitting Fee, which covers my time and expertise


2. The cost of your selected Package, which includes digital files and prints

Like many of my clients, you can take advantage of my flexible payment plans, ensuring you can fully enjoy the experience without any financial pressure



and includes:

Pre-session styling consultation to help you with what’s best to wear and how to prepare for your session

Portrait session for up to 6 people (adults and children aged 4 and above)

Complimentary make-up for one person by my make-up artist & light hair styling if required

The use of my studio wardrobe pieces & accessories

Up to 5 different set-ups/outfit changes during your shoot

Expert posing guidance throughout your session to make you look the most flattering no matter your body shape

Magazine-style editing and retouching

Guided ordering appointment where you will see your portraits and choose which of them you’d like to purchase

Your favourite photograph beautifully printed and mounted in 8×12” mount

Your Sitting Fee doesn’t include any digital images, they are purchased separately in a package (see below)


At your ordering appointment you will see all the images from your session and pick the ones you’d love to keep as part of your package

Large Collection


15 x digital images of your choice

The same 15 images printed in Heirloom Portrait Box

50% off canvases (time-limited offer)

Custom designed mobile album for all your devices (phones/tablets) so you have your photos with you anywhere you go

Medium Collection


10 x digital images of your choice

The same 10 images printed in Heirloom Portrait Box

50% off canvases (time-limited offer)

Custom designed mobile album for all your devices (phones/tablets) so you have your photos with you anywhere you go

Small Collection


5 x digital images of your choice




“You were amazing with my children and mother. Nothing frazzled you. You put me so at ease from once we arrived. My mother settled into the shoot because of how relaxed and complimentary you were with her. She loved the whole experience in the end thanks to you. The way you worked with my children especially Nikki who has down syndrome was so comforting to me. You will never know how much an amazing experience like this means to a mum who has a child with a disability. Thank you, we will be back.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 752


“I love all my photos and I am so glad that I took this opportunity to capture these images for myself and my 3 boys. As I have said before I am very self-critical but these photos show the strong resilient woman I have become. I now look at beauty as the best possible version of me – inside and out!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Olga. Right from the moment I arrived, I felt at ease and was guided through every step from the initial choosing of outfits to how to pose for each photo. Olga is extremely talented and has a huge passion for her work. She ensured that I was comfortable and confident at all times throughout the shoot. I urge every woman wanting to try the Eternal Grace campaign to grab it with both hands – this experience is something that will empower and stay with you forever… Thank you so so much Olga!”



“Olga, thank you so much for creating beautiful photos of my family and myself and for putting us at ease while doing it. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time but never felt at all comfortable in front of the camera. You made it a very enjoyable experience. Your attention to detail is second to none and you have created photos that I will treasure forever and hopefully will be treasured by my girls all of their lives. For anyone contemplating having family photos taken, I can’t recommend you highly enough. Many thanks.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 359


“I really enjoyed working with Olga, she is so passionate about her work and she has an immense talent. Olga has a wonderful capacity to create an environment that makes you feel comfortable and secure enough to relax and enjoy the experience. My favourite part of working with her was the whole experience. I placed myself in her hands and felt safe throughout the process. The experience was far outside my comfort zone but she guided and supported me at each step and I have lovely memories as well as beautiful portraits to cherish.”



“From the minute I saw Olga’s stunning work on her website, I knew she was going to be the photographer for us! I first met Olga when she took our daughter’s newborn portraits, and wow, she did not disappoint. She captured our little girl perfectly. So when the opportunity arose to have a generational portrait shoot, I again knew Olga was the best choice as I trusted her completely to capture images I never thought possible. I really wanted my mum to have her photos taken by Olga so she could see herself the way we do. Mum has farmed all her life, which she loves. But she has never felt confident, worthy, and beautiful. She has also not had a professional picture taken since her wedding day. Olga’s calm manner, and professionalism throughout both sessions made us all relax and enjoy this very special and memorable experience. I will always remember the look on my mum’s face when Olga gave her a glimpse of the shots she had taken during the session. We could visibly see our mum sit up straighter and smile right into the camera from there on. We adore the selection of photos we have, it wasn’t an easy choice! THANK YOU OLGA FOR BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS WE WILL CHERISH!!! You did more than take photos that day, you helped instil confidence in my mum I had not seen!!! ❤️She is now happy to look at a photograph of herself at last ❤️
If you are thinking of getting your pictures taken, don’t wait until the ‘perfect time’. Olga is an exceptional photographer and person, who takes her work seriously and will give you photos you will be delighted with!!!”



“When I first saw my portraits I saw the sensual side of me that I had been out of touch with for a long while. I saw the vibrancy that has come alive, that girl, now a grown woman, fearless and unstoppable. There was a time when I didn’t think I was strong enough to turn my life around, but self-love has given me the power to change my life for the better.

Olga is a pleasure to work with and I always enjoy her company. She is strong, confident and relaxed to be around. On the day of the shoot, I arrived feeling anxious, stressed and in pain due to a recent injury. Her studio felt like a haven from the outside world, where I could park the stresses of life at the door as I came in. Olga’s welcome was so warm and enthusiastic, I immediately began to unwind and relax, to allow my ‘Diva’ side out to play and enjoy the experience of being pampered. With her expert guidance, I felt confident and comfortable throughout the session and I walked away feeling ‘on top of the world’. Thank you Olga, for giving me the experience of a lifetime.”



“After becoming a Mum in December 2020, I struggled with my body image and a new identity as a Mum and like many, the isolation of the year 2020-21. My own Mum was so supportive during this time. Guiding us through that first year and always boosting our confidence to parent our daughter.
After seeing photos of a friend taken by Olga appear in my newsfeed, I went headfirst and booked a session straight away, before I could think twice.
I wanted to capture some moments in time, before we grow again, it has been such a special year of our lives.
We were very nervous before the shoot and thought about canceling many times before the day due to nerves and a lack of confidence in front of a camera. I had to constantly put the notion of a session to the back of my mind and push forward, using Olga’s style guide and then just waiting for the day to come. On the day Olga was a flawless coach and a calming presence. Everything about this experience will help you… there is guidance for make-up (thank you Jodie!), hair, outfits, posing, and everything else taking the worries from you.
The camera is intimidating at first but Olga did show us some shots on her camera and the worries melted away a little further with every click.
Our portraits are treasures. Something precious to keep forever, a moment in time captured and for me the memories of a very special year within them. I look at them and I feel love, joy, and gratitude for my family.
Thank you so much Olga, I can highly recommend this experience to anyone. If it’s crossed your mind, just book it and do it and think about it later.”


“A portrait session with Olga was something I always wanted to do for my 50th birthday and to have nice photos for my kids. I kept putting it off due to lack of confidence and shyness, but now I’m extremely happy that I made that call. I am beyond words how my photos turned out. I was so nervous at the start but Olga was so patient and showed me the photos through the back of her camera. I could not believe that was really me. This put me at ease and I relaxed more. Having the hair and make-up done at Olga’s was great as I didn’t have to stress with organizing it myself. What I love most about my photos is the naturalness of them, the different poses. I would never let any close ups taken of me as I’d say go back with that camera and Olga changed this thinking for me. Now I love close ups. I encourage anyone who lacks confidence not to put it off. Olga is exceptional at what she does. Easy going, patient, talented, so creative, and made me feel very comfortable. I felt ugly before the session and now I feel amazing. I always used to put myself last before, but Olga made it about me. I enjoyed the dress ups and outfits I would never have had the confidence to wear. I can’t stop looking at the photos and will definitely be back.”

olga-klofac-photography,-portrait-photographer-Mayo-Sligo-Roscommon-Galway-Leitrim,-mother and child portraits-8887


“I love the way you were with me through the whole process Olga. When I had the chance to send you pictures of outfits you would give me feedback and I loved the way I had to focus on me, I hadn’t done that for years. I see and feel me in a new light and certainly the process of working with you has helped me value me more. Thanks Olga.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 98


“The session was fun! The time flew by, I laughed a lot, and felt so at ease with you that I was happy to be guided by you and where in ‘real life’ I would have wanted to cover up, in that studio with you, I was comfortable being vulnerable, and I LOVE the results!! I booked the session when I was feeling ‘fat and ugly and old’, because I needed to do something nice for myself, and it worked. I also love how soft and feminine I look. I’m a big woman, and often when I’m standing beside a woman who’s smaller than me, feminine is the last thing I feel, but that’s changed as a result of these photographs.”



“I booked a portrait session with Olga to celebrate the fact that we got married very young, worked all our lives, raised and educated our children, survived illness and we were back on our own again. Full circle. I just loved it all. I was doing something for myself and for us as a couple and it was completely out of our comfort zone and it was fun. Olga also made us feel very comfortable right through the whole process. Like every woman, I had tons of horrible photos in storage everywhere. I now have a quality package which I can use on my website, Facebook or wherever I need a nice photo of myself or my husband. I also like our couple shots for the wall.”

before-after makeover photoshoot with hair and makeup by olga klofac photography mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 385


“Life is hectic, and it’s so important to stop and smell the roses (as they say!) But when do we actually ever do just that? Olga has been photographing our children for a few years now so when I made the decision to organise a booking just for me to mark a special birthday she was the only person I knew could trust with the delicate matter of capturing what I wanted on camera. As a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend and a work colleague we are seen by so many people in so many different ways but I wanted to just press the pause button and to capture me as I am now. This is me. The whole me. The me that I know is there although those seeds of self doubt wander in every so often, this was my opportunity to capture me as me. I’m not going to lie and say it was easy. Those destructive thoughts crept in and that voice in my head tried to convince me to cancel but I knew Olga would be the gentle, nurturing and kind-hearted soul she has been with my children and in fact she was more so with me! The nerves settled, the trust built and the hardest part of the whole experience was choosing which photographs to go for in the end. The day was such a wonderful experience and there was not one moment that I felt uncomfortable or unsure about anything. If anyone is even considering a gift to themselves then this would be what I would recommend. This really will hit that pause button, let you catch your breath and just appreciate you for you…”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford 110


“I loved that you love women, understand vulnerability and are so real. I also love that you called me out on focusing on my faults. As far as I have come in this self-acceptant journey – you reminded me it will always be a work in progress – ‘and that’s ok’. (My current motto)!

It has been such an emotional journey but so revealing, I have learnt so much about myself & others. The whole experience is enabling me to help others that struggle with self-doubt on a deeper, fresher level!

Thank you Olga from the bottom of my heart, this work is incredibly valuable.”

mother and daughters makeover photoshoot with hair and makeup by olga-klofac-photography,-portrait-photographer-Mayo-Sligo-Roscommon-Galway-Leitrim-6320


“You received us with a warm welcome and created a very relaxed atmosphere for the family.  I liked your structured schedule and clear direction throughout.  You are the ultimate professional!  Thank you Olga x”

olga klofac photography, portrait photographer family photographer mother and daughter photoshoot Mayo Sligo Roscommon Galway Leitrim, professional headshots, women portraits 9164


“I never valued myself enough to spend money on something so vanity inspired. Well after today, that will never happen again. Both myself and Beth were made to feel that we deserved the most amazing photos of us, not in an airy-fairy, positive affirmation way, but by Olga’s attention to detail, her professionalism, the way she guided us through our poses and encouraged us to be ourselves. It was one thing me enjoying it, but I loved seeing Beth really getting into it, when I knew it was not on her list of things to do, her being more comfortable in a jersey on a pitch instead of in front of a camera…”



“Working with Olga was an honour and a pleasure.  There’s such a vulnerability in posing for photos.  The uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure in such a personal and important experience, be it for private and/or professional reasons, could be anxiety provoking and could accentuate insecurities.  When your photographer is a master of their craft, a creative and is as invested in the process as you, a photoshoot can actually be an opportunity to feed your sense of self and grow your self-esteem.

I had such an experience when I worked with Olga Klofac.  The Eternal Grace Campaign is such a compassionate and sensitive initiative, its stewardship requires a caring and empathetic champion.  Olga pours the best of her beautiful self into her work.  She is as warm, welcoming and kind as she is innovative and professional.

I’ve had an amazing day and  I look forward to going back soon for some family shots.”



“Olga has an angelic/ethereal quality about her that instantly puts one at ease. Especially in a situation where I feel I’m exposing my deepest vulnerabilities. An instance in time where I am the sole focus of someone else’s gaze. She made me lose some of my self-consciousness and feel really beautiful. She is an extremely talented photographer and artist, when her work can change someone’s opinion of themselves.

I love how the pictures changed my mindset. As a scientist, my job is to report on the results I see in front of me. I tend to apply the same observations to myself (the rare time I examine myself in the mirror). With all the everyday pressures of life, it’s easy to forget to take the time to see the real you. The beauty behind the tired eyes, the overworked mom, the often stretched too thin individual. Your pictures gave me that opportunity to pause, and realize that we all have a unique beauty about us, that we just need reminding about.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - family portrait mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin


“I never do photos, I’m always the one taking the pictures because I don’t like myself in them. I love how empowered they make me feel, I look amazing and I would never have imagined I could look that good. I’m very self-conscious about my weight, my mummy pouch, my teeth and all that other stuff. I think it’s so important to have memories like this of me pushing my boundaries and embracing my natural beauty that I don’t see all the time, or choose not to see. I have a beautiful little boy Jackson and this is a great lesson for him to push himself to do things he wouldn’t ordinarily do and to enjoy them and remember that it’s OK to be scared, the end result may just take your breath away like this has done for me.

My favourite part of working with Olga was how comfortable and relaxed she makes you feel. Olga makes it a fun, positive experience and I love how creative she is. She has these amazing ideas that only she can see, she pushes people out of their comfort zone without them really noticing and that is a gift. From the beginning of me signing up for this Olga has been so amazing, I love how nothing fazes her and she can see potential in the most unlikely of ways. Olga is a very warm and welcoming person, it’s like meeting up with an old friend you haven’t seen for a while and if I gained nothing more from this experience except meeting her it was a day well spent.”

family communion photo by olga klofac photography, portrait photographer family kids photographer Mayo Sligo Roscommon Galway Leitrim


“Olga is an incredible photographer. Her work is fantastic; from newborn portraits to family to headshots to the ‘Mum Series’ Olga has taken photos of my family at all the stages. The photos are timeless and priceless. I honestly cannot recommend her enough!”



“I had no idea how wonderful the experience would be, Olga is a unique artist, she brings out the very best in her subjects, the results are stunning.  She works diligently and quietly with her clients while making them feel completely at ease in her studio, I would wholeheartedly recommend any woman to take time out for herself, and do something she would never ordinarily consider. This whole experience has energized my life, and I now feel ready to give of myself more energetically to others.

My favourite part of the experience was seeing the results, they were unbelievable… I love how they all look different, in a charming way.  I keep thinking I know this woman, who is she?  I have rediscovered a part of my inner self that allows me to really appreciate myself again, and say WOW ! What a beautiful person I am. It has given me back my inner confidence and self-esteem, which was there under the surface but had become somewhat dormant.”

couple photoshot by olga klofac photography, portrait photographer family photographer Mayo Sligo Roscommon Galway Leitrim Athlone


“In her very professional style, Olga advanced us a guide explaining how to maximize the photoshoot.  This proved to be invaluable. I was a little nervous up until the moment I arrived, but when I arrived I was excited. Professional makeup provided on site, was incomparable.

We agreed in advance on a range of themes for our portrait session, including personal and corporate photos.  We brought some of our glass designs with us.  In both the personal and corporate portraits I really saw my husband’s personality shine through!  Truthfully, Olga made us both look far, far better than we really are. Quite frankly, the results were incredible.

Each photo had so much individuality – a feast of feelings, expressions and story-telling.  You do not have to be extra special to have a photoshoot with Olga but you certainly will feel it!  We could never ever have produced images like this at home… not in a million years.

As a couple we know we will have images to look back on which are quite simply superb!  Our only regret is that we did not do this 10 years ago!  Will we be back?  Most definitely, and our family too.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 303


“I was blown away by my portraits. I can’t believe this is me. I very seldom liked photographs of myself but I love the portraits taken by Olga. She made me feel so comfortable and confident in her capable hands. She made the whole experience so enjoyable. She is such a professional and it is clear that she loves her job. It is an experience I would recommend any woman to enjoy at least once in their life. I would not have wished to do this and not have had the courage to do it for 12 years if I had known I would enjoy it so much and the results would be beyond my wildest dreams. Olga has the ability to bring out the best in your portraits without you realizing what she is doing, she is magnificent at her job.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin


“My favourite part of working with Olga was how relaxed she made me feel. She is such a professional and I just went with her advice and guidance even though I felt self-conscious. After a while she put me at ease and I really enjoyed the experience. One I will treasure forevermore! I love my portraits. I can’t believe how beautiful they are! I was very nervous and felt quite awkward at times but trusted Olga and her process and she did not disappoint. As it was something I had never done before it really pushed me out of my comfort zone but I’m so happy I did it. It was an amazing experience and one I’d recommend to everyone.”

olga klofac photography, portrait photographer family photographer generation photoshoot Mayo Sligo Roscommon Galway Leitrim, professional headshots


“I contacted Olga for my very long awaited family photos, I have a little boy with additional needs that hated having his photo taken and all I can say from the first email Olga was so understanding and answered all my questions. We went to have our photos done and it was nice and relaxed… considering I had 2 children with me. Olga was so professional and great with the kids and I am over the moon with my beautiful photos…. especially the ones of my children, where my little boy is smiling and looking at the camera. I cannot recommend Olga enough.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 720


“I love how natural my portraits look and I’m amazed at how comfortable I looked in front of the camera, obviously this is down to your lovely manner and your capacity to make me feel at ease.  I honestly didn’t ever think that I could look so at ease and enjoy the experience as I’ve avoided it for the majority of my life. Olga, you have a natural ability to bring calm to the nervous anxious feeling that I had. You encouraged me to step completely out of my comfort zone and be brave enough to try ideas I had admired and aspired to but was never able to bring myself to do. You were totally on board with it and made it all so free of stress and fun. Alongside Jodie, who did an awesome job of my makeup, you made me look and feel like a different person. Thank you so much for allowing me to feel confident and a little bit sexy. What I’ve learned from the experience is that I’m often far too self-critical, which is true for most women I guess. I’ve also learned that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone, you just have to be brave enough to take that one step. I’ll be forever thankful to you for the experience and for allowing me to see myself in a completely different way from how I’ve always felt and viewed myself. It has meant so much to me. I’d encourage any woman to consider working with you if she wants to discover an inner confidence and version of herself that she might actually love.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - mother and daughter photoshoot sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford 617


“I love the warmth and incredible bond between my daughter and myself which is beautifully captured by Olga’s lens. I was surprised at how relaxed I was posing in front of the camera but I know this was due to Olga’s reassuring manner which put us immediately both at ease. Working with Olga was a great pleasure. Watching her work magic in her studio and then present the final beautiful images was an experience that will never be forgotten.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 271


“I just love my portraits! I just can’t believe that’s me… I definitely wouldn’t be one for the camera but this has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I’m delighted. I’m in my late 40s and like every woman I devote my time to my family and my work so the years have slipped by. The process from picking outfits to the final photo was such an exhilarating feeling. It’s a spiritual journey and I would highly of me recommend it to every woman. Let’s celebrate women and build each other up. The Eternal Grace Campaign has taught me that yes I’m not 25 anymore but I’m 48 and have a full life ahead of me, dreams to fulfill & I’m looking forward to it all with excitement. I was so nervous traveling to Charlestown that morning. I’ve hit menopause and I definitely went through a period of very low self-esteem. But the morning with Olga was so much fun. My makeup was done by the lovely Jodie Nixon (what a treat), Olga had a good look in my suitcase and helped me pick my outfits, and really put me at ease… We had the chats and Olga showed me how to sit and stand for my photos. From beginning to end it was fantastic.  My favourite part was how you’ve made me feel Olga. You are so kind, so professional, and just a lovely person. Thank you for helping me find myself again.”

olga klofac photography, portrait photographer family photographer Mayo Sligo Roscommon Galway Leitrim Athlone Longford


“We went to Olga for a family photoshoot and are so glad we did. As well as capturing a fabulous family portrait Olga took individual portraits of everyone. So glad we have these portraits to treasure as little people grow and change so fast. Would we go back to Olga in the future? Absolutely without hesitation. Her work is just stunning and I would highly recommend her, it’s a trip you would never regret making… the only regret you’ll have is if you don’t go!”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - couple portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 640


“Olga made me feel like a film star for our photoshoot!! Although there were a few poses where I felt I was holding a yoga pose, the end result was incredible. Along with my own solo shots I also had shots taken of my fiancé and I which I absolutely love. My fiancé commented later that evening on how much he enjoyed the session and how at ease he felt. Fab day out!”



“My portraits display the true me. My essence, cheekiness and personality shine through them. Olga captured me beautifully on the day. The energy, chat and fun added to the photos making me look relaxed and carefree.”



“I had previously brought my children to Olga – they were very small and I felt it important to capture that moment in time. Fast forward seven years, and I wanted to freeze time again before they got too grown up. Olga is very kind, and patient, she worked with me to achieve the style of pictures that brought out the best side of my family. I am eternally grateful for her work”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 764


“My favourite part of working with Olga was her wonderful relaxed approach to our shoot, her love of natural warm colours, her openness to an idea I had myself and her amazing creativity! It’s a wonderful experience to meet a photographer that’s so unique and contemporary in her style. We love Olga and her fabulous sunny personality.”


“Wow, my 57th birthday will never be forgotten. Do I really look like that? Never in my life, they are just beautiful. I will treasure them and how far I have come. From start to finish working with you was amazing, thank you isn’t enough, you have created wonderful memories, you are so talented may god bless you.”

women's portraits by olga klofac photography, portrait photographer Mayo Sligo Roscommon Galway Leitrim


“I was very nervous to book my shoot as I had never done anything like it before and I didn’t feel as though my pictures would be “pretty” enough. Usually with friends and family I am always the one who loves to take the photos instead of being in them. But after this I have really seen a more photogenic side of myself. I enjoyed every minute of it! It was the best first photoshoot experience I could ask for. All the pictures came out insane and I could not have pictured them to come out any better. I am absolutely over the moon with my new portraits. They are all jaw-dropping, absolutely gorgeous. I never felt as beautiful as I look in them and it really has brought back the confidence I misplaced. I can’t stop looking at them. I would love to say to other woman that no matter how you feel, how you think you look, Olga will always capture your most beautiful and unique side. Don’t be afraid, just embrace it!”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 250


“Very relaxing morning with Olga, she sees what we don’t see in ourselves. The results were fantastic. I think these portraits show I’m feeling fabulous in my 50s and having the confidence to embrace it all. I’m just living life to the full and making sure to laugh a lot. It’s wonderful to see women of all ages taking on the challenge and feeling pretty without the worry of not being a model size 0. We don’t give ourselves the opportunity or time to do something like this and enjoy the process and experience. We need to celebrate the sisterhood of women more and stop the negativity in the world and build each other up.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 92


“I am so happy with the portraits. The experience did push me out of my comfort zone but now that I have done it I can highly recommend the experience to any ladies out there thinking of doing something for themselves that they will have and cherish forever. Olga, it was a pleasure to work with you and you certainly made me feel more than comfortable in my own skin! You are one talented lady.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin


“Your instructions during the photoshoot were clear & precise.  You instilled confidence in me to follow through with poses and in particular with smiling for the camera.  You were gentle in your instructions and built my confidence as the shoot progressed. I love that I am relaxed in front of the camera as I normally do not like to be photographed.  Therefore, because I am relaxed, I could let natural expressions come through.”

hair and makeup makeover photoshoot by olga klofac photography - women portraits headshots mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 703


“I felt glamorous and fabulous working with Olga. She had you at ease from the moment you step in the door and know exactly how to get your perfect picture.”

before-after makeover photoshoot with hair and makeup by olga klofac photography mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 381


“I love the glamour of the images, they are playful and fun.  It was good to step out of my comfort zone in terms of clothes and makeup and be open to the lens capturing this moment in time as I prepare to leave the 50’s and move into the 60’s!

Working with you was a pleasure from start to finish.  Every aspect of the journey was marked by your professionalism and clarity about the shoot, the pricing, the outcome and the overall project.  Celebrating older women in a pretty ageist society is to be applauded.  Well done Olga.”