Samantha & Sarah | Mother and daughter portrait session by Olga Klofac Photography Mayo
“After becoming a Mum in December 2020, I struggled with my body image and a new identity as a Mum and like many, the isolation of the year 2020-21. My own Mum was so supportive during this time. Guiding us through that first year and always boosting our confidence to parent our daughter.
After seeing photos of a friend taken by Olga appear in my newsfeed, I went headfirst and booked a session straight away, before I could think twice.
I wanted to capture some moments in time, before we grow again, it has been such a special year of our lives.
We were very nervous before the shoot and thought about canceling many times before the day due to nerves and a lack of confidence in front of a camera. I had to constantly put the notion of a session to the back of my mind and push forward, using Olga’s style guide and then just waiting for the day to come. On the day Olga was a flawless coach and a calming presence. Everything about this experience will help you… there is guidance for make-up (thank you Jodie!), hair, outfits, posing, and everything else taking the worries from you.
The camera is intimidating at first but Olga did show us some shots on her camera and the worries melted away a little further with every click.
Our portraits are treasures. Something precious to keep forever, a moment in time captured and for me the memories of a very special year within them. I look at them and I feel love, joy, and gratitude for my family.
Thank you so much Olga, I can highly recommend this experience to anyone. If it’s crossed your mind, just book it and do it and think about it later.”