Healthcare Assistant

Why did you say yes to this campaign? What was your WHY to participate?

Because I agreed with the campaign ethos. I have relevance with it.

Tell me a little about you and your story:

Home as a child was with both my parents and 3 brothers. It was rough and tumble, we didn’t want for anything, but there were very few extravagances. I was like one of the boys. Mum kept a beautiful rose and vegetable garden. It was her pride and joy. She was a tough cookie. Very strict. The main female influence in my life, as was her mother in her life. Strong, hardy and great cooks!! I left home and settled down with a family very young in life. I moved to Ireland 20 years ago with 2 of my 3 children, for a better quality of life. I never considered that life could change so much. After my marriage broke up, my father died. My daughter and son moved on as young adults should with university and their own loves and life. At the age of 50 I was alone for the 1st time in my life. I threw myself into my job and friendships. Then I found love with a man whose like there will never be another. Fast forward 9 years, and I am on my own once again after the devastating loss of my darling partner. But death is part of life, and I realize now as I am emerging from the blinding fog, that I am not alone at all!! I am blessed with my beautiful and amazing family and friends. I am indeed truly blessed. Taking baby steps on a new path and chapter in my life.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Someone I don’t really know.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Loving, giving, shy.

Do you feel like you have changed since turning 50?

Absolutely. I think this is what maturity is.

What advice would you give to your younger self about caring for yourself?

Pay attention to the signs your body gives you. Don’t worry about what people think.

What do you consider self-love?

Being gentle with, and giving and making time for myself.

What do you love most about your new portraits? Is there something new you discovered about yourself?

I like that I look different, but the same. It’s strange how that can be…. I don’t have a sister, but If I had, I think that I look how I would imagine my younger sister to look. The reveal was a lovely surprise. I learned that I am happier in myself as the years roll on. I have more acceptance of myself, warts and all. I am grateful for who and what I am. I want the following generations to know this, and how we are all beautifully wonderful and different. together. That’s normal!!  Choosing to be in the campaign was an indulgence, something for me to mark an occasion. We all deserve a treat, it can make us feel good, important, special, valued.

What was your favourite part of working with me?

Olga was exactly how I thought she would be. Friendly and inviting. I got that feeling through pre-shoot communications, and it proved right. It was a great help to have links and information in preparation for the day, and she was always quick with responses to any query.

I was a little nervous as I hadn’t had a photo shoot experience before I was worried my camera shyness would be glaringly obvious in any shots. But not a bit. On the day, she helped me unpack, and organize. Jodi expertly did makeup and hair. So skilled and talented.

Olga guided me through every step. A true professional. Put me totally at ease. The morning flew. I had a great time.

Thank you Olga, I had an exciting, enjoyable interesting photo session. I recommend the experience!!

before-after makeover photoshoot with hair and makeup by olga klofac photography mayo sligo roscommon galway leitrim athlone longford dublin 384

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